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Dear Jet Ski or Boat User


We collect a deposit of 1000 € when renting the vessel.


You hire the boat at your own risk!


You are resposible for everything you do during the rental period.


You are responsible for all damages, also those caused to a third party.


If an accident happens, the vessel cannot be abandoned. You are responsible for the boat until you return the vessel.


Do ask, if something puzzles you. During the rental period you can always call or leave a messsage to Vmax Rental’s staff. 


The rental period begins, when the contract is signed, or when it is agreed to begin, and ends, when the vessel is returned.


Jet Ski is safe and able on the sea


Cruising with a jet ski is great fun, but do not forget the rules!


You need to obey the restrictions. Know your responsibilities – the ”skipper” is always responsible. Know your own skills and limitations, respect the sea. Be aware of where you move.


Pay attention to the environment: the first 15 minutes of our route passes living areas. Thus we wish patience, before you reach the open sea.


In harbour areas you need to drive moderately and minimize the formation of waves.


Jet skis do not have breaks! Remember the safety distance!


When nearing shore remember the jet ski needs at least 60 cm of water. In more shallow water the propeller might be damaged.


Take into account that the jet ski resumes moving forward also when you stop giving gas.


Slow down well before entering shore. Use the start/stop button, as you approach for example the pier.


The fuel is 98 octane.


The consumption of gasoline is approximately 25–70 l/h depending on the vessel and on the way of driving. Lubrication and fuel will be charged separately. 


As you receive the vessel inspect always the shape of it, so there will not be any unclear details when you return the apparatus. It is for example recommended to photograph the propeller. Inform the staff of possible damages.


As you park the boat, be aware of possible waves. If possible, anchor always under the wind.


The customer must always obey the rules. In case the customer does not obey rules, the cruising will be intercepted. Vmax Rentals does not insure it’s customers – you drive at your own risk. 


In case of damage the deductible is 500 – 2500 € per boat. 


Have fun, but in a safe way!

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