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Snowmobile rental / safari:


Driving instructions:


  • You must have a valid driving license with you to drive on official routes (at least T driving license)

  • We make sure everybody gets proper instructions before setting out on official routes. With us you can also practise driving in our property

  • Keep in mind the positions of control devices: throttle and brake

  • At the start, wait and let the previous driver drive well ahead

  • Safety distance in motion is at least 20m

  • Use your weight to balance the vehicle in sharp turns

  • Use the steering only in motion and with both arms straight

  • Use the visor only in motion – prevents freezing

  • Notice the bypassers (slow down), righthand traffic system

  • Know your own skills

  • Know where you're going: follow the signs and the map (get to know in advance)

  • Don’t stop in uphill road sections

  • Don’t ever drive outside the marked routes: red crosses (turning, e.g. at the next crossroad)

  • Speed limit 60 km/h unless otherwise stated, follow traffic signs

  • When you stop, keep at least 2m safety distance to others

  • Return the snowmobile to the check point

  • Leave the key in the ignition switch when you are in rental area

  • Staff members have the right to cancel the event if problems occure

  • Drive safely, avoiding accidents makes the event more pleasant for everybody


Renting terms:


  • Leaseholder is responsible for the object for rent until it is returned. Returning in the same condition as it was before rental.

  • In the event of an accident, the deductibles (self-risk) for the snowmobiles are 1500 – 2500€ depending on the model (on the marked routes)

  • Leaseholder is responsible for informing the owner of any happenings and damages happened during the renting time

  • If you need help, call us: +358405855333

  • In an emergency call: 112

Have fun, but in a safe way!

Children’s snowmobile track / Mini Safari:

The track/safari route is specially made for children and offers them an opportunity to try out the thrill of snowmobiling in a safe environment.

How ever notice the following instructions:

  • Minimum skill required: a child can cycle

  • Driving by the child’s own will

  • Know your child’s skills. Parents carry 100% responsibility

  • Child must always be accompanied and supervised by a parent

  • Remind the child of a sufficient safety distance (+20m) if necessary

  • Driving allowed only on marked track, which is winding. Look out for trees

  • Safari route has also ups and downs. Follow the guide and obey the instructions

  • Respect and pay attention to other drivers with various skills

  • Everyone must immediately notify the rental company of any damage/accident

  • Vmax Rentals has no insurance for clients or their property

  • If problems occur or the rules are not followed the driving can be stopped – no refund in this case

  • Driving at your own risk

  • Staff member will provide instructions before driving

  • Before safari you will practise driving on our track

Have fun, but in a safe way!

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