Our piece of island named Villinki at eastern Helsinki offers you an unforgettable experiences and memories. Only 6nautical miles from center of Helsinki.

Sauna events

Our seaside sauna for 6 persons is well equipped with two warm fresh water showers, BT stereo system, and of course shallow beach for swimming and to try SUP boarding and kayaks. At saunas terrace you fill find a fridge, grill and sunbeds.

For more luxury or taste of action with sauna we offer:

  • Jacuzzi for 5 persons, with bubbles and lights
  • Hot tub for 10 persons, wood heating
  • Jetski test drive
  • Watersports like water skiis and wakeboarding
Prices starts from 650€/2h VAT 0% boat transportation not included

Action packages

We have some ready to go packets to give you easy choises. All packets and events can be modified to meet customer needs.


Villinki bronze packet: 

  • Departure and return from our rental office, the boat is chosen according to the number of participants
  • Sauna and beach with services for two hours.

For 2 – 12 persons. Duration of event 3 hours. Price 1000€ + VAT 10%

Jetset packet: 

  • Event starts from our rental office with 2 hour jetski safari to see archipelago of eastern Helsinki and Sipoo.
  • Arrival to Villinki island. Then we can go straight to sauna and jacuzzi. Maybe some dinner also?
  • At the end boat transportation back to our rental office or to center of Helsinki for extra price.

For 4 – 12 persons. Duration of event 5 hours. Pricing 1350€ + 250€/person VAT 0%


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