Rental Terms

In these terms, the Vmax Rentals is the rental company and the customer is the lease holder / lessee.






The lease is based on the vehicle, the equipment listed on the equipment list and the possible transport trailer.



2.      Lease

The rental period starts and ends at the time of the lease.




  1. The vehicle is to be handed over to the hirer with the equipment list in the lease, the fuel and water tank filled, the waste tank drained, the agreed time and the agreed place, if weather conditions or other overwhelming obstacle does not render the donation impossible. 
  2. If the vehicle can not be handed over within 2 hours after the agreed time, the renter has the right to receive a refund of the lost rental period. 
  3. With more than 24 hours of delay, the renter has the right to terminate the lease, so the total amount paid will be returned.  
  4. Hire hands over the vehicle to the renter, both parties should check the condition of the vehicle and provided with a list of possible defects and shortcomings on the birth date in order to prevent disputes. 
  5. Any errors or omissions in the vehicle are, at the time of handing over, a written list signed by both parties and approved by the renter. 
  6. If the renter fails to complete the check or revision after failing to report damage to the rental company, it is assumed that the damage occurred during the rental period. 
  7. If the lessee is late on the agreed delivery time, the agent of the rental agency may transfer the transfer time at an appropriate time without compensation.


  1. The renter must be over 15 years of age. 



4.     VEHICLE   USE

  1. The renter is obliged to care for the vehicle and its equipment as well as the diligent person of his own, as well as to observe the use of the vehicle and its equipment with special care and caution.   Driving on the beach and any kind of grounding is strictly forbidden! 
  2. The renter undertakes to use the vehicle to take into account the rest of the craft and to comply with other applicable laws and regulations. 
  3. The renter undertakes to assume that the driver of the vehicle has sufficient knowledge and skills to handle the vehicle used in the water used and that the driver uses a key-locked safety belt (safety circuit breaker) if such is available. 
  4. The renter undertakes to assume that the driver of the vehicle is not under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic agent. 
  5. When the vehicle is temporarily parked, it must be locked. 
  6. The renter does not have the right to rent the vehicle to a third party. 
  7. The carriage of a vehicle outside the Finnish border and the domestic traffic traffic zone II without the written permission of the rental company is prohibited. 
  8. The vehicle is not allowed to participate in competitions. 




5.1    Basic charter of the hirer  
 The renter is obliged to remain up to the limit of the deductible on the lease:           a. Replace the damage caused to the vehicle and its equipment during the rental period.           b. Replace lost parts and equipment during the rental period.

    The checklist is checked at the time of the transfer and upon return.


5.2    Renter’s Responsibility for Any Damage If the vehicle is incurred as a result of the vehicle being taken out of the agreed water area or by the renter, his or her family member, guest or other person to whom the renter has given the vehicle, intentional, gross negligence or gross negligence, use of the vehicle with alcohol or other narcotic substance under the influence of the use of the vehicle for criminal purposes, competitive conduct or any other activity contrary to the agreement, the renter shall be liable for the full amount of the loss, including loss of rental income for the seizure of the vehicle, up to a maximum of 30 days.

Compensation for stays is calculated as well as compensation if the renter does not return the vehicle at the agreed return time (see clause 15-3 of the contract).


5.3 Release of the renter from liability 
 The renter is released from liability if the rental agency receives full compensation for damage on the basis of the insurance or the cause of the damage.




The rental includes vehicle equipment and the right of the person / persons mentioned in the rental agreement to use the vehicle, VAT, appropriate float belts and the insurance mentioned in clause 8 of the contract.

The transport trailer is included in the rental if it is specifically mentioned in the lease.




The rent does not include fuel, gas and chemicals, vehicle and trailer washing, and no repair of trailer tires that the renter is required to pay separately.

The transport trailer is not included in the rental unless specifically mentioned in the lease.




  1. The rental company is responsible for the existence of a valid rental boat insurance, which includes non-life insurance and liability insurance. The insurance does not cover the injured person’s personal injury or broken or lost property. 
  2. When returning the vehicle, the renter must confirm in writing that the vehicle has not been exposed to ground contact or any other possible event. 
  3. The rental agency is also responsible for the existence of a valid caravan insurance policy. 
  4. The renter’s deductible is indicated on the lease. 




  1. After making the reservation, the renter will receive an order confirmation / invoice. 
  2. The advance payment will pay 100% of the rental price. Should the rental be canceled, the following cancellation conditions apply:

                          cancellation 72h before the beginning of the rental 100% refund on the rental price

                          cancellation 24h before the start of the rental 50% refund on the rental price

                          cancellation less than 24h from the beginning of the rental 0% refund on the rental price

  2. If the use of the vehicle to a significant extent in relation to the lease period is prevented for reasons beyond the reach of the renter, such as a breakdown of the vehicle without the renter’s or driver’s reason, due to traffic damage or theft or theft of car or motor insurance, the renter is entitled to terminate the lease early by notifying the rental agency. In this case, the renter receives from the rent he has paid back the part corresponding to the remaining rental period. This right to the hirer will be born from the day following such notice. The rental company is not responsible for any damage caused by the breakdown of the vehicle or for any other reason caused by the interruption of the journey or the prevention of the use of the vehicle. 
  3.               4. In the event of damage to the vehicle, the rental contract shall be reimbursed in accordance with clause 5 of the contractual terms and conditions. The renter’s deductible is indicated on the lease. 



10.    deposit

The guarantee fee, which is equal to the deductible portion of the lease, is paid to the agent of the rental agency prior to the transfer of the vehicle as a bank deposit, a check or a cash. The deposit will be refunded no later than 1 week after the vehicle has been approved for a return inspection and no defects or damage have been reported. Payments must be made on the payment document when the vehicle is delivered. The rental company has the right to use the above payment to pay the fees and reimburse the costs of which the lessee is liable according to the lease and contract terms.




  1. The leaseholder must surrender the vehicle to the hirer in good condition and in accordance with the law at the agreed time and in the agreed place. In addition, the rental company is obliged to give the renter sufficient guidance and instructions on how to use the vehicle. The transfer of the vehicle to the lessee and the instruction will take place within the agreed rental period. 
  2. If the renter does not make the vehicle available as agreed, he may claim a lease corresponding to the error in accordance with section 3-2   and 3-3   in accordance with. 
  3. If a vehicle is unavailable for any reason beyond the rent, force majeure, the lease may terminate the contract by reimbursing the hirer to the hirer in full. The rental agency is not obliged to make any other compensation or compensation for the canceled holiday. 




The renter pays the fuel he needs. 98E gasoline must be used on the vehicle. Diesel oil should be used for a separate boat heating system. The renter is responsible for the damage caused by using the wrong fuel. In the rental period, the renter is obliged to carry out normal vehicle inspections such as the amount of oil in the engine oil and sterndrive, the coolant and battery liquids, and the tire of the vehicle during the rental period and washing at the end of the rental. If the vehicle has a rear discharge trailer, it must be closed when the vehicle is in water. If the vehicle is returned under a shoreline, the shipper has the right to charge the lessee for a fuel surcharge of EUR 2.30 / liter and a EUR 20 refueling allowance. If the vehicle / trailer is returned unclean and dirty, the rental company has the right to charge the renter for the washing allowance. The amount of compensation depends on the required cleaning, however at least 50 euros.




  1. The renter is obliged to immediately notify the renter of the vehicle or any damage or theft of the vehicle and to make a declaration of damage to the insurance company. A theft must be reported without delay to the police. The lessor must then inform the lessee what action to take on the event. 
  2. In the event of an accident, the lessee must immediately take the necessary action required by the insurance terms in order to detect the damage and to prevent further damage. Any repairs of more than 100 euros must be notified in advance. A notification to the police must be made whenever there is a personal injury. The renter is also obliged to turn to the police immediately in situations where the question of guilt is fair or unclear or if the interest of the lessee is to be considered otherwise. 
  3. If the renter fails to make the aforementioned declarations, he or she shall be liable to the lender for any damage he has caused. 
  4. The rental company is obligated to reimburse the part of the lease for this part of the repair only if the damage is caused by the gross negligence of the rental agency. The period of repair due to technical disturbances is always excluded for up to 24 hours. 






If there is a technical defect or other mistake in the vehicle during the rental period, which is not due to the negligence of the lessee, the renter may require correction of the fault. If the mistake caused by the condition of the vehicle is essential, the renter may require the contract to be terminated. The renter is entitled to claim a reduction of the rent during the repair period when the repair time has lasted for more than 24 hours. The rental company is not liable for any indirect damages caused by the vehicle error. For other damages, the maximum lender’s liability is the amount corresponding to the rental period. If the renter fails to report without delay the defect he / she finds, the rental agent will not be liable for any damages that have occurred.




  1. The vehicle must be returned to the agreed place by the end of the agreed rental period. The fuel and water tanks of the vehicle must be filled, the waste tank emptied, the vehicle and the trailer carefully cleaned and otherwise in a condition as at the start of the rental period. 
  2. If the renter returns the vehicle before the agreed rental period expires, no unused time will be credited. 
  3. If the renter returns the vehicle to the rental company after the expiry of the rental period, but before 1 hour has elapsed from the end of the rental period, the renter is obliged to pay a late payment of EUR 50. If the return is due more than 2 hours late, the renter is obliged to pay a late payment of EUR 100 and, in addition, for a delay of one and a half times the rent. The minimum charge is then a one-day rental one-and-a-half times. Daily rent is divided by dividing the paid rent by the number of rental days, without counting the date of delivery and return. If the rental period is so short that the daily rent can not be calculated in the above mentioned way, the amount of daily rental is equal to 24 times the rental rate for the rental period. 
  4. If the renter returns the vehicle after the expiration of the lease period, the renter’s liability for the vehicle will expire only after the return has been paid. 
  5. If the renter does not return the vehicle to the agreed place, the renter is responsible for the costs of picking up the vehicle, transferring it, and any other costs caused by the delay. 
  6. If the renter fails in section 15-1   the lessor has the right to charge the lessee for any negligence on the rental company, primarily in the form of a deposit. (see paragraph 12 of the terms of the lease) 
  7. The renter and the rental company inspect the vehicle when the vehicle is returned. If the renter does not attend the inspection for any reason, the vehicle checks the rental. The renter is liable for damages for errors and omissions in the vehicle which are not recorded in the list of errors in paragraph 3 of the rental terms and which are not a consequence of the normal wear of the vehicle. 
  8. If the lessee announces a delay of at least 2 days before the expiration of the rental period, a late payment of 100 Euro will not be charged. 




  1. The leasing company is entitled to terminate this contract during the lease term if it becomes apparent that the renter substantially violates this agreement or that the renter does not consider the renter to be able to handle the vehicle properly. The costs incurred by the lessee are not reimbursed. 
  2. The leasing company has the right to terminate this agreement before the start of the rental period if the vehicle is unavailable due to force majeure, which is independent of the charter. The lessee then has the right to return the rent he has paid in full. The costs incurred by the lessee are not reimbursed. 
  3. The hirer has the right 14 days before the beginning of the rental period to terminate the contract, thus refunding the paid amount, except for the booking fee. Rental charges for cancellations made less than 14 days before the beginning of the rental period will not be refunded. 




It is strictly forbidden to bring the vehicle outside the agreed water area.




If the dispute can not be settled by negotiation between the parties, the renter may refer the matter to the Consumer Complaint Board. If disputes are brought before the court, the action must be brought before the court of residence of the lessee unless the renter wishes to bring the action in the general court of domicile of the lessee.