Childrens snowmobile track &

Childrens Snowmobile Track

Yamahas miniature snowmobiles are great fun for the childrens. The track is specially made for childrens and offers children an opportunity to try out thrill of snowmobiling in a safe environment. Total distance of track 300-500m

Along with the childrens snowmobile track we have idyllic hut with fireplace to warm up and enjoy hot juice. See prices below.

Mini Safari

For families and groups with childrens and youngsters we offer quided minisafari at our larger closed track with variable and easy terrain. Total driving distance is about 8km and driving time about 30min. Speeds will be max 25km/h.

Every week at Wednesday and Thursday 17.00

Childrens snowmobiles:

SRX 120

Our smallest snowmobile for kids under 8 years of age
40 30min
  • 120cc 4-stroke engine
  • Driver max 40kg
  • Grip heaters
under 8 years


The bigger childrens snowmobile for kids over 8 years of age
60 30min
  • 200cc 4-stroke engine
  • Driver max 60kg
  • Grip heaters
under 8 years


Child with adult, for adult or adult sized
70 30min
  • 350cc engine
  • Driver max 100kg
  • Grip heaters
with adult