Is there an age requirement for renting a snowmobile?

– All drivers must be at least 16 years of age and have and driver’s license. No age limits for passengers. One renter must be at least 18 years of age for responsibility.


Can more than one person ride a snowmobile at a time?

– The Yamaha Multipurpose and Venture can be ridden double. All other snowmobiles are for 1 rider.


What is the max weight that a snowmobile can hold?

– Max weight is 200 kg. If two people have a combined weight of more than 200 kg, they will need to rent an additional snowmobile.

– For childrens snowmobiles max weight is 40kg for SRX120 and 60kg for Snosnoot

– For Yamaha Phazer max weight 85kg

Are reservations required?

– No, but we strongly recommend them. Walk-ins are welcome, but there is no guarantee we will have machines available.


I have never operated a snowmobile before. Is instruction available?

– We have an excellent snowmobiling staff who will give instruction on operating the snowmobile and offer assistance when needed. The large snowmobile track in front of the rental office is a great place to practice until participants feel comfortable enough to go on the trails. Although riding a snowmobile for the first time may seem a bit intimidating, it doesn’t take long to catch on and enjoy the experience.


Do you recommend riding single or double?

– The choice to ride single or double depends on the participant’s age and level of confidence in operating a snowmobile. Participants under the age of 16 must ride as a passenger. Based on our experience, even novice riders prefer riding single over riding double because it is more comfortable and easier to maneuver the snowmobile.

How long before my rental should I arrive?

– It is a good idea to arrive about 30 minutes before the rental time to take care of paperwork, helmets, and clothing (if needed).

What is included with a snowmobile rental?

– All snowmobile rentals include helmets for the driver and passenger, if applicable. Full driving outfit 10€. Fuel included in 2 hour rentals. We have own refuel station and we charge 2€/litre.



Why rent from Vmax Rentals?

– Our location allows you to be straight on the track, no time wasted to move to tracks. And we have own refuel tank so no time wasted again. And our Yamaha snowmobiles are reliable, efficient and silent with 4-stroke engines.


What is your snowmobile season?

– We rent snowmobiles as early as snow falls thru there is no snow (weather permitting).


I have never been on a snowmobile before. Do you have a snowmobiling tour  or rental that’s right for me?

Of course. Many of our guests are inexperienced snowmobilers and several of our tours and rentals have been designed to accommodate the needs of first-time riders. We’ll provide you with a tutorial covering the operation of your snowmobile and allow you some practice time with it prior to your tour’s departure. Our friendly reservations staff will be happy to help you choose the tour or rental package that’s right for your party.



Do you offer insurance to cover damages?

– No, you will be held responsible for all damages. You will also be held responsible for retrieval of machines (for non mechanical reasons) and loss of rent.



Do you have Multiday Rates and/or do you allow overnight rentals.

– Yes, we do have Multiday Rates and allow Overnight Rentals. You must call or email for pricing and details.

Do Vmax Rentals offers snowmobile delivery service?

– Yes we deliver snowmobiles.  Deliveries to select trail heads are available as well as private property.  The cost ranges depending on the distance from our rental office Levintie 1199. Please call us +358405855333 or email to [email protected] to more information.


Can we get cell phone signals in the local tracks?

– Yes, most of the area has strong reception.

How long will a tank of gast last me on the snowmobiles?

– You can go approximately 150-250 kilometres on a tank of gas. Depending power, driving style and weather conditions.



I have more questions!

– Please fill out contact form with any questions or comments you have. You can fill out that form here