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Yacht Charter – enjoy the Finnish archipelago at it's best. Skipper and fuel included. Ask for affordable weekend offers.


Departure hour 350 €, next 250 € / h, polterabend trips from 400 €, wedding nights from 1450 €. Prices include VAT. 24%.

For events of less than ten people. Luxurious, atmospheric, fast ride if needed. The pull of various water sports equipment is also possible.

Goes well e.g. the Degerö canal, etc., like the bridges in Helsinki, runs through shallow waters without detracting from the natural harbors.

You can even book a wedding suite on a desert island.

Very easy to access - wheelchairs, prams.

Large access gates, large swimming platform.

Equipped with e.g. karaoke equipment.


Holiday Mansion

Roomy deck and cabins, with plenty of luxurious atmosphere. Big screen and dance poles. Excellent for promos and video and photo shooting. Large bridges and easy passage also for handicapped. 

"This boat has everything"

Start 350 € + 300 €/h, standby 150 €

Prices include VAT 24 %

Also ask for longer rentals

- evenings, weekends, holidays! Everything works out!

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